Andrew Ogilvy is a versatile and intuitive creative, with a broad range of camera experience: unit stills, specials portraiture, specialised prop photography, camera operating and he just completed his first DoP role on a music short.

Known for his engaging, minimal portraits that capture a depth of each individual character. His quick speed of work is fuss free, frequently shooting in limited time frames makes for an ideal combination for life on set.

Always well prepared and researched, quietly commanding and quick to capture the moment. His passion for detail and exceptional use of light demonstrated in every photograph.

A graduate from Glasgow School of Art, Andrew now lives in Oxford, England, where he has also taught Photography courses to inspiring young students. Andrew travels widely, with much of his work being based in London and overseas.

Example of recent work:

Kaleidoscope (film)  starring Toby Jones

Toby Jones - Actor

BeauFort London's and the Prodigy's Leo Crabtree

Directors Dom&Nic commerical portraits

Comedian Jimmy Carr

Radiohead's Philip Selway